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Holidays with kids

Feed the Family has just returned from a week in Holland at a popular woodland park resort. Before having kids, our holidays involved hiking, sightseeing, thrill-seeking activities and packing as much as possible into the available time. Now that we have two children under 6 things are slightly different.

Our priorities have changed - now we want somewhere with lots of things for the kids to do, food they will eat and easy access to our accommodation so that the youngest can nap in the afternoons. For the grown-ups this feels like a very 'safe' holiday: we barely managed to learn any of the local language and certainly didn't sample the local culture or cuisine. However the kids loved the swimming pool, beach and playgrounds and our oldest got to spend some quality time with each of us while the youngest napped. Because they were happy they were well behaved and we were therefore happy and relaxed. It may not be the sort of holiday we used to have but for that outcome I'll happily accept it, at least for the next few years!

Food-wise, I find it impossible not to over-indulge on holiday: the ice-cream and cakes are too hard to resist. This time we had bread delivered each morning which was a lovely indulgence but meant we ate a lot more bread than we usually do. The children ate more sweet stuff than I'd usually allow, but as we were on holiday I decided to let that go and made sure that we all got plenty of fruit and veg as well. Now it's back to normal, down to earth with a bump!

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