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Getting to grips with technology

I have finally found the time to read the instruction manual for my oven and work out how to use the delay timer, and it has completely changed the way I cook weeknight meals. Like many parents, there are one or two days a week where after-school activities mean that we return home late - it’s past 5pm (usual kids’ dinner time), and everyone is tired and hungry. Usually I would quickly boil some pasta and throw whatever I had to hand in with it, however I have now learnt how to set the oven to cook jacket potatoes while we’re out.

It’s so simple - you set the cook time and the time you want it ready, put baking potatoes in the oven and forget about them, you can even do this first thing in the morning. Just remember to score the tops or stab with a fork. Then you arrive home in the afternoon and the potatoes are cooked. All you have to do then is warm some baked beans and grate some cheese, or add whichever is the preferred topping in your house, and everyone is happy!

Quick, simple and tasty food

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