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Fighting the after-school fade

Your child comes out of school bedraggled, tired, emotional and hungry. You want to give them a snack to pick them up but also don’t want to spoil their dinner. Sound familiar? If you are anything like me your child has a hot lunch at school but it’s easier to cook a hot meal for younger siblings in the evening and a lot of food ends up in the bin.

How to address this? I firmly believe that an after-school snack is a much-needed energy boost that helps your child to be more engaged with you and to cope with homework. I usually choose something sweet-tasting but not too sugary, for example my sugar-free banana bread, fruit scones, or a digestive biscuit with some apple and cheese. If you are confident that your child has had a good meal at school then don’t worry too much about dinner; keep their portion small and don’t pressure your child to eat it but encourage them to try it. Offer fruit and yogurt after the meal and trust their appetites if they tell you they’re full. Good luck!

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