"We really enjoyed our recipe box! Easy to cook recipes that can be adapted to suit family tastes (fussy kids!) and the perfect size to tuck away for when some inspiration is needed. It's been great to get some new recipes on the menu!"

Anna D, mum of three

I received my first subscription box from Sarah @feedthefamily on Friday. Its fab! As a childminder and a mummy I try really hard to keep sugar levels down for meals and snacks. Amba and I baked healthy muffins yesterday for today's after school snacks.

I told my Ofsted inspector during my inspection about the fab recipes/classes that Sarah runs at Feed the Family and how as a childminder I'm always open to new ideas and recipes.

Thanks @feedthefamily.

Holly, childminder and mum of two, aged 8 and 5

"The monthly subscription boxes have been such a hit in our house on so many levels. They have meant I am cooking new and different meals and I'm given all the extras I need that I might not have in the cupboard. The kids find it really exciting having the box come through the letterbox and are really involved in opening it up and discovering what recipes and spices/herbs are inside. It has also got them helping out with the cooking and trying new foods. The favourite is the homemade falafels that are now a regular and brilliant as I can double it up and keep a batch in the freezer.

Thank you for mixing up meal times in our home in an easy and effortless way. Such a great gift to give to anyone that has mouths to feed 7 days a week!"

Natalie A, mum of two

"I was so pleased with my first subscription recipe box from Feed the Family. The recipes were really simple to follow with an accurate preparation time, and they tasted so delicious. It’s so convenient having some meals planned out without me having to think what to cook, but even better that I could freeze portions to use another time when I don’t have the time to cook. Thank you Feed the Family, I can’t wait for my next box!"

Natalie P, mum of three 


"Brilliant baby weaning course by Sarah, can’t recommend highly enough! Great recipe ideas, very informative, lots of helpful tips and a really useful handout which saved hours of trawling the net!"

Emma, mum of one

"What an amazing Introduction to Weaning class. The recipes we tried were delicious and all your tips invaluable. Thank you so much Sarah, you have given me confidence to start the weaning process, I now cant wait to get started! 5*"

Laura, mum of one

"Sarah’s class on feeding a baby their first solid food was fantastic! I came away really enthusiastic with lots of good ideas and keen to get going with weaning. It is great that I now feel I have a strategy to follow as well as some tasty recipes."

Judith, mum of one


"Thank you for a wonderful evening Sarah!
I have taken away some top tips and recipes to help with my little fussy eaters. Very informative, wonderful venue and very relaxed environment. Highly recommended!"

Wendy, mum of two

"Fab class, just what I needed to inspire me with my fussy 4 year old!"

Glenda, mum of two

"I had a lovely evening at Sarah's demonstration. I took away so many tips and some simple recipes which I am inspired to out. Sarah cooked the food in front of us and it was great to try so much of it in the company of other mums who are experiencing similar issues with fussy eating. Sarah is a mum herself with expertise in nutrition, so she was able to answer loads of questions and offer lots of ideas. Really enjoyable and worthwhile."

Liz, mum of one

"A really enjoyable evening with like-minded Mum's. Sarah is a fountain of nutritional knowledge. It was great to get some new recipes to get me cooking new and varied dishes again. Left with lots of confidence and excitement to get back in the kitchen. Would highly recommend it. Thank you!"

Katharine, mum of one

"Sarah's class has ignited some long lost motivation to get some varied, healthy and different tastes into my kids meals! I have a very fussy 5 year old and Sarah was great at getting to know all of our kid's different eating woes and suggesting ways of adapting her recipes to your own child accordingly. 
Some very clever and useful tips on making certain vegetables unrecognisable, and a great variety of different meal ideas.
I was completely full after enjoying all of that lovely food and really enjoyed sharing and talking with other Mums - thank you so much, your class is highly recommended!!"

Lucy, mum of two

"Thank you so much for a really great class. I've been stuck in a rut with feeding my 2 fussy eaters and Sarah's class was very helpful. I got some good new recipe ideas, particularly good ways to introduce fish in a non-fishy way, and some great tips for saving time and and sneaking extra things into meals.

Sarah was very informative and friendly and I found talking to the other mums really useful too, I came away feeling less guilty about the kids' eating habits which I didn't expect!

Thank you Sarah, worth every penny (specially as we got so much delicious food)!"

Anna, mum of two

"Thank you Sarah! The course has given me some great ideas and simple, adaptable recipes to help with my fussy eaters! It was also helpful & reassuring to hear of other peoples struggles with feeding their children & ideas to help overcome these.

It is easy to get stuck in a rut with recipe ideas for kids so this has really helped to inspire me!"

Anna, mum of three

"Brilliant, informative class with a nice relaxed atmosphere. Sarah’s receipts are simple to follow, quick to make and taste delicious.

Being a nutritionist it was great to ask advice from someone ‘in the know’ about my children’s fussy eating and intolerances.

I would recommend this class to anyone struggling for inspiration and to pick up tips for healthy but yummy snacks and meals. Thank you Sarah for a great evening."

Emma, mum of three

"Well presented, informative class, great tips which I've already taken away and used.

Thanks for the ideas for after school hunger, a low sugar banana loaf is already in the freezer.

Two of the recipes demonstrated are on next weeks family menu."

Holly, mum of two


"Thank you so much for an inspiring, enjoyable and motivational evening. It was a pleasure to spend time in your kitchen as you cooked and let my daughter and me sample in a relaxed atmosphere. Your preparation and presentation were superb. I learned a range of new ideas and valued your efficiency and expertise."

Stella, grandmother to child with food intolerances

"I first knew Sarah as a local mum. When I heard she had set up ‘Feed the Family’ I was intrigued but never thought I may need to avail of her skills as much as I did. Friends who had participated in her sessions had been highly complimentary. So when my daughter was advised to go onto an egg and dairy free diet, after the initial panic had subsided, I contacted Sarah for her advice. Sarah produced a bespoke class for me and my mum, and it left me feeling very positive about being able to provide the right, well balanced but still exciting diet for my child. In addition to getting some fab recipes and tasting the products that Sarah made right in front of us, Sarah’s relaxed and friendly style made for a very enjoyable evening. I was also most appreciative of the additional handouts on the specific allergies and hints/tips and nutritional guidance that accompanied the session. As a qualified nutritionist I am sure Sarah can tailor any session to suit its participants and I couldn’t recommend Feed the Family highly enough."

Anneli, mother of child with food intolerances